Twist Lock Pumpkin free download 3d stl file

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free download 3d stl file

This cheat field has a hidden locking mechanism that continues a specified a part of the duvet securely closed except you turn it over.

This remix of the common Twist Lock Trick box (Hexagon) is now a pumpkin!

The assembly is the same as the usual Twist Lock Trick box. Watch this video for the entire process.

Be sure to pre-load the spring with a gear.
This ensures that the latches have a strong grip on the base. This is also integral for the alignment of some toppers.

Be definite to glue the feather and topper in situation.
If you do not absolutely repair these elements, the mechanism could loosen when locked. Tremendous glue or 3D Gloop! I suggest utilizing it, but sizzling glue may also work.


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